IMG_3776   Montages are one of our specialties.  Montages can be created for any occasion including Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Memorials, A Family Tree Archive, and even used like an invitation for your special event.  We can create a themed montage based on just about anything you can imagine including the premise of a TV show to a favorite sporting event. We have all the current custom graphics, special effects and knowledge to create a unique Montage for you. Montages don’t have to be boring! They can be quite artistic that your audience will watch with enthusiasm and emotion.

You don’t want any thing too elaborate? We listen to what you want in your Montage.  A simple Montage can also be creative and interesting to watch without “Hollywood-ing” it up. It can be as elegant or as off the wall as you would like.

You supply the photographs, the music, the idea, and we will supply the skills and knowledge of doing hundreds of Montages over the years to make your Montage special.  We will help you through the whole process of creating your Montage from the layout, timing, music and any revisions to get it just right.

Call to discuss what you are looking for.  We will customize a memorable Montage for you.